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Hey there

I'm Rea

Every single exciting opportunity I’ve had in the past few years until now is because of YouTube.

I didn’t even know I could actually earn from it.. because heck, I thought YouTube is only for interesting entertainers. I’m boring and awkward on camera, but I made videos anyway. Back then I told myself I’m not famous, so certainly no one would care. And then…

Tools for Creatives

Before YouTube, I was a blogger – still am. But ever since YouTube changed my life (not tryna be cheesy or whatnot coz it really did, lol), I’ve already been posting more on YouTube because it’s the best platform that works for me now. Anyway, I still kinda like writing about my experiences so here we are.

Rea is a consummate professional, very detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Her rates are reasonable, and she will work her b*** off to make sure you are completely satisfied with her services. She has been a great help to me with my YouTube channel and I am happy to recommend her.

Vic Bernsdorff - Experienced Project Engineer & Instructional Designer
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