You're here because you want to start earning from your expertise while teaching what you know and love best.. and finally achieve that level of work and financial freedom that most YouTubers oh so often talk about.

You heard YouTube is the place to be if you want to be discovered and known as an authority in your niche...

Well, you are NOT wrong. It's true, but only a small number of aspiring creators actually begin their channel, let alone be consistent with it.

I get it. You're scared? Shy? Overwhelmed? Have zero budget for equipment?

Have the knowledge or expertise but are confused and not sure where to start?

Do you really think you can do it?

If you think you CAN'T, then YOU'RE RIGHT!

If you think you CAN, then of course you absolutely CAN!

Hey, I'm Rea

As a YouTube educreator creating free educational and training resources on my career channel, I’ve significantly increased my NET income to 5 figures in USD (7 figures in PHP) and this is ONLY my passive side income. I still keep a job, pretty much doing YouTube alone until now, and that’s on top of being a mom and a wife.

I went from a struggling, overworked, and underpaid corporate employee about 4 years ago living from paycheck to paycheck with 4 consumer loans to my name into a 6-figure monthly income-earner (net PHP) comfortably taking care of the family.

All of the above while doing what I love and without needing to burn out and exhaust the heck out of me. 

Want to know how I did it? 

Keep scrolling down and read on.

How I Can Help

Pick your jam.

YouTube Creator Kit

Ditch the overwhelm, save yourself the stress, and guard your precious time by knowing exactly where to begin. Start organizing and planning your launch and content with made-for-you DIY worksheets and templates designed specifically for your educational channel.

Content Strategy

Don’t have time to plan your content strategy? Choose from our 3 packages specifically curated for educational creators like you. Once you’ve selected, we will proceed to our Channel Chat where we will talk about your vision, needs, and expectations. All you need to do is execute the plan.

YouTube Consultation

Need an up-close 1:1 consultation about your YouTube channel? We can talk about any questions or concerns you have and discuss solutions and recommendations to build and grow your YouTube channel. Limited slots only. 

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